31 December 2013

2014 Sunset Calendar Posters

 A sunset sky with vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange feature as the background of this 2014 calendar featuring a silhouette of the boab tree, which is an unusual shaped tree which survives well in regions with little water as it holds water in its trunk. This image was created digitally from a photograph of a Boab tree in Western Australia with the sunset sky created with an oil painting effect. Underneath the tree is the 2014 calendar.

 A stunning photograph of the sunset at solstice features on this 2014 calendar poster print with the trees as silhouettes against the sunset sky with glorious reds, oranges and yellows. The calendar dates are in white on a black background underneath the photographic image.

 A panoramic image of the sunset over the ocean on a beautiful summer's day features on the top of this 2014 Sunset promotional wall calendar poster. This calendar can be customised to include the name of your business and additional details to be used as a promotional calendar.

30 December 2013

Year of The Horse 2014 Post Cards

Send your New Year greetings for 2014 the Year of the Horse with this eye-catching postcard, featuring a red horse with flowers in a papercut style. The Chinese writing for horse is used as the zero in 2014 and "Year of the Horse" is written underneath.

29 December 2013

2014 Calendar Posters with Animals

 Today we are featuring a small collection of 2014 Wall Calendar posters with an animal theme. The above 2014 calendar features a vibrant image of a beautiful painting of a rooster and two hens sitting in some hay. The chickens are featured on a black background with the dates featured underneath.

 This cute 2014 calendar poster features animal paw prints across the top and bottom of the calendar, with small paw prints across the middle. The paw prints are in white on a black background. Any animal lover will adore this calendar poster.

 A lovely wall calendar for 2014 for the cat lover, this calendar poster features a colorful cat made from spring flowers in many different colors, sizes and shapes on a black background. This artistic cat is unique and beautiful and is  perfect for those who love flowers and cats, bringing the feline world together with the botanical world.

 A pretty in pink 2014 calendar poster featuring a photographic image of a butterfly resting on some lovely pink flowers on a pink background. The photograph is of a cabbage butterfly (pieris rapae) as it rests on verbena flowers.

28 December 2013

Chinese Year of the Horse Postage Stamps

 US postage stamps commemorating the Chinese Year of the Horse, these lovely stamps feature an illustration of a horse with bamboo and blossoms. The Chinese writing for horse is featured in an oriental style in a square in the bottom of the square and "year of the Horse" is written in very small text along the side of the illustration.

27 December 2013

2014 Floral Calendar Wall Posters

 A collection of 2014 calendar posters with a floral theme ~ perfect for a gardener or a lover of things floral, these calendars will brighten up any room. The first calendar poster features an image of a lilac blue agapanthus flower which takes centre stage in this garden setting. The calendar features below the flower on the green colored background.

 A pretty floral garden features on this lovely 2014 calendar poster creating a lovely and colorful border to the bottom of the calendar. Bright colors, including red, yellow, orange, green and white ~ bring some color to your walls!

 This 2014 Harvest Willow Wall Calendar Poster brings a sense of tranquillity and serenity. This lovely calendar features a close up photograph of the leaves of a willow tree with an orange background.

 This bright and sunny 2014 calendar features a photograph with a view of flowers looking from the ground up towards the sun in the bright blue sky. Perfect for reminding us of summer through a dreary winter. This calendar can be customized with your business name and details to be used as a promotional calendar.

 A lovely 2014 calendar poster featuring a photograph of a red oxalis plant in flower. The flowers show brilliantly against the green foliage in the filtered sunlight. The dates for 2014 feature on a green background underneath the photo.

26 December 2013

Chinese New Year, Year Of The Horse Cards

A beautiful greeting card for wishing family and friends a Happy New Year for the Chinese Year of the Horse in 2014. This greeting card features golden colored illustrations of three horses on a vibrant red and gold background.

25 December 2013

2014 Vintage Calendars

 A stunning 2014 calendar featuring 12 different vintage photochrom images of castles in Scotland including Balmoral Castle (the Queen's castle in Scotland), Dunottar castle, Doune Castle, Inverary Castle and many more. These vintage Scottish images are stunning and would look perfect framed individually once the year has finished.

 A 2014 calendar featuring 13 images of days gone by featuring social history photographs of people, places and transport from the United Kingdom, France and the United States. These vintage images include English canals, cars, motorcycles, French cafes as well as rural and farming scenes.

 A beautiful 2014 Calendar poster featuring a vintage styled image of an ancient oriental landscape with two figures walking towards a pagoda with large mountains in the background. The image has an old oriental screen print style to it and looks lovely as the main feature of this calendar poster.

 The perfect 2014 calendar poster for the person who loves vintage cars ~ featuring a photograph of a shiny Ford V8 Coupe with rumble seats at the top of the poster and the calendar underneath. This old hot rods still look pretty special today!

24 December 2013

Chinese Year of the Horse Gift Keychains

 A fun gift for celebrating the Chinese Year of the Horse, this keychain has an oriental style illustration of a man riding a horse with a pagoda in the background. The Chinese writing for horse is included in the design as well as 2014 and the text, "Year of the Horse".

23 December 2013

Unicorns Art Calendar 2014

 For the lovers of all things fantasy, this 2014 calendar featuring artwork of unicorns in the perfect choice. Each month features a different stunning artwork of unicorns from the Fantasy Collection by Carol Cavalaris. At the end of 2014, each of the images would be perfect for framing to continue to enjoy these amazing images.

22 December 2013

Green Year of the Horse Postage Stamps

 This Year of the Horse US postage stamp features an illustration of a green horse with a floral pattern, this is to represent the Year of the Green Horse as wood is the element of 2014 under the Chinese zodiac. The stamp also includes the text, "Year of the Horse" and "2014".

21 December 2013

Sports 2014 Calendar Posters

 Featuring 2014 calendar posters for the sports enthusiasts, the first is for the golfing fan with a vintage style illustration of a golfer taking a swing with his golf club on the fairway. A range of vintage style 2014 calendar posters are available with a golfing theme at GiftsBonanza

 An eye-catching 2014 calendar poster for the football fan, featuring an illustration of three footballs along the top of the poster with the word "Football" written underneath. Perfect for the bedroom, study or office of a football player or football fan.

 Soccer balls galore feature on this 2014 Calendar poster with a line of soccer balls featured as a border at the top and bottom of the poster. Any soccer fan would love this to have on their wall for the year to show their love of the world game!

20 December 2013

Abstract Year of The Horse Post Card

 Send your new year wishes with this abstract style Year of the Horse postcard featuring a black and white image of a horse with the Chinese writing for horse in red. 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese lunar calendar.

19 December 2013

10 Great 2014 Animal Themed Calendars

 Featuring 10 of the loveliest calendars for 2014 with photographic images of a range of critters from the animal world - including animals of all shapes and sizes, birds and insects. Our top feature is a calendar dedicated to draft horses - also known as draught horses, dray horses or even work horses. If you are a lover of horses, this 2014 calendar features beautiful images of draft horses, both with and without harnesses, in rural settings.

Critters 2014 ~ calendarEastern Wildlife 2014 CalendarGarden Predators 2014 Calendar

Critters galore in the three 2014 calendar featured above. The Critters 2014 Calendar features photographs of wild and domestic animals found around New England, includes Highland cows, swans, llamas, cats, dogs and more.

The Eastern Wildlife 2014 calendar contains photographs showing some of the wonderful wildlife of the Northeastern United States within their natural habitats, including the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, Eastern Chipmunk, Red Squirrel, House Finch and more.

If you love insects, the Garden Predators 2014 Calendar is the one for you. This calendar features incredible photography of a range of different insects that can be found in the garden, including spiders, preying mantis and wasps.

Cows, calves & bulls 2014 calendarsBunnies 2014 - 12 Months of Cute Bunny Rabbits Wall CalendarsSquirrel Calendar 2014 - New Life Lessons

 Bovine lovers will adore the Cows, Calves and Bulls 2014 calendar featuring beuatiful photography of cattle in rural settings in France. Cow breeds include limousin, charolais, salers and alpine cows.

 Cute, adorable bunnies - this 2014 calendar features 12 photographs of the cutest looking rabbits you will ever see - all shapes and sizes, a different image for each month.

Perhaps one of the cutest ever calendars you will find featuring some of the most photographed squirrels who seem to be having so much fun no matter what they are doing in the photos. This calendar is a winner for any animal lover.

Garden Creatures 2014 CalendarLabrador Retriever Puppy Calendar 20142014 Baby Animals Calendar
 Stunning garden photography has captured some of the best images of garden creatures in this 2014 calendar. The beautiful critters captured on film include the giant swallowtail butterfly, the hoverfly, a honey bee, the polyphemus moth and more.

One thing I can't resist is puppies and this 2014 calendar featuring images of labrador retriever puppies is simply irresistible. From new puppies to cheeky, cute and playful puppies, this calendar will be a favorite for any dog lover.

Lastly, the 2014 Baby Animals Calendar is adorable, featuring 12 images of some of the cutest baby animals, including a baby manatee, baby bobcat, feral ponies, a baby black bear and more. Perfect for the animal lover.

18 December 2013

2014 Chinese Year of the Horse Stickers

 Bright stickers for the Year of the Horse in 2014 featuring golden colored horse silhouettes on a red background. The year and the text, "Year of the Horse, as well as the Chinese writing for horse is also included in a coordinating golden color.

17 December 2013

Fruit Impressions 2014 Calendar

 This 2014 calendar features fine art photography eith each month featuring a different photographic image of delicious fruit, such as the beautiful display of wine colored purple grapes as featured on the cover. Other fruits featured within the calendar include mangoes, limes, pineapples, bananas, watermelon, cherries and much more!

16 December 2013

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse Round Custom Jewelry

 A cute and fun pendant and necklace for the person who was born in the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The design features cartoon illustrations of all twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac (which is also the same in the Japanese zodiac) in a circle around the outside of the design. A cartoon horse is featured in the middle with the Chinese writing for horse. The pendants are available ina range of shapes and sizes, including a locket style pendant, and can be purchased in silver plated (as shown here), with a gold finish and sterling silver.

15 December 2013

2014 Music Calendar

 A stunning 2014 Calendar for musicians and music lovers features 12 different beautiful and eye-catching designs with musical notes in different arrangements and colors. Musical notes floating across the page to represent the sound of music and the beauty it creates.

14 December 2013

Year of the Horse 2014 (wood) Post Cards

 Perfect for the Chinese New Year for 2014 which is the Year of the Wood Horse according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The postcard features a silhouette of a horse on a wooden styled background with the silhouette appearing to be etched into the wood. The Chinese writing for the New Year and horse is also included on the postcard.

13 December 2013

A Very ParkerPup Year - 2014 Calendar

A Very ParkerPup Year - 2014 Calendar

 A very sweet calendar for 2014 called "A Very ParkerPup Year" with a different photograph each month of Parker, a 6 year old golden retriever. Cute and funny photos are included of this professional model/animal actor. If you love golden retrievers, you will love this 2014 calendar!

12 December 2013

2014 Cute Horse Ornament Postcards

 A cute postcard for sending your New Year wishes to family and friends for 2014, the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The postcard features a sweet illustration of a horse ornament with blossoms in the background. It includes the greeting, "Happy New Year" in both English and Chinese writing.

11 December 2013

Scenes from Scotland: Land, Loch and Sea 2014 Calendars

 A stunning calendar featuring landscape photography of beautiful scenery in Scotland. This 2014 calendar includes views from around the Scottish coast and countryside, such as Dunnottar Castle, scenes from the lovely Isle of Skye, a highland cow by a loch and views of fishing villages in Fife. Perfect for anyone who has travelled through the scenic Scottish countryside or has a love of all things Scottish.

10 December 2013

New Year 2014. Chinese Year of the Horse Card

 A stunning card for wishing family and friends a Happy New Year for the Chinese Year of the Horse in 2014. This card features an ink style drawing of two horses with red blossoms and the Chinese calligraphy for horse. A lovely oriental design, perfect for your New Year wishes.

09 December 2013

Bluntcard 2014 Calendar

 One of the funniest calendars you will ever see is one created by the hugely popular, Bluntcard. This 2014 calendar features some of the old classics from previous calendars, as well as some new favorites. This calendar is for those who love sarcasm, irony and have a love of all things retro. Be warned, this calendar is not for the faint-hearted or anyone easily by bad language.

08 December 2013

Year of The Horse Papercut Square Stickers

 An eye-catching sticker celebrating 2014 Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac. This sticker features a vibrant design with horse in a papercut style in red on a white background. The horse is bordered by blossoms with "Year of the Horse" written underneath.

07 December 2013

American Bald Eagle 2014 Calendar

 A bird calendar for 2014 featuring glorious photographs of the bald eagle - a bird of prey which is the national bird, as well as the national animal of the United States. This calendar is perfect for the person who is an admirer of these magnificent birds.

06 December 2013

Year Of The Horse Mug

 A beautiful mug for celebrating the Year of the Horse featuring an illustration of a horse with bamboo leaves framing the design. The Chinese writing for horse in included in the design, with "Year of the horse" written underneath. 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac.

05 December 2013

Carl Larsson Art Calendar 2014

 A 2014 calendar featuring the artwork of the Swedish painter and interior designer, Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919). The calendar features 12 of his most beautiful paintings, which will look perfect framed once the year has finished. Perfect for anyone who is a fan of his work.


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