30 September 2013

Fiesta 3rd Birthday T-shirts

A bright and colorful t-shirt for celebrating a 3rd Birthday, suitable for the birthday girl or birthday boy. This fun tshirt features balloons, party hat, taco and streamers. A large number three is written on one of the balloons. The text is in different colors with "Fiesta" written at the top and "Birthday" written at the bottom of the design.

29 September 2013

Astronaut Pink Stars Happy 3rd Birthday Greeting Card

A fun greeting card for the young girl who is turning three years old and wants to be a spacegirl when she grows up and loves the color pink. The sweet card features a young girl dressed in a pink spacesuit with a large pink and white star with a large number 3 inside it. The top and bottom of the card features a pattern of white stars on a pink background, which is also repeated in the number 3. The text on the front and inside of the card is fully customizable to create a personalized 3rd Birthday card.


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