30 April 2014

Black Sparkle Disco Ball 40th Birthday Party Custom Invites

 A fun and stylish invitation for a 40th Birthday celebration featuring a sparkling silver disco ball with rays of light and glittery background in black and white. Fully customizable for the details of this very special occasion!

29 April 2014

If You're Forty and You're Naughty Funny Travel Mugs

An eye-catching and funny travel mug for the person who is forty featuring a modern and sleek typography design in red, orange and yellow, with the text, "If you're naughty and you're forty clap your hands" - a humorous satire for the 40th Birthday of an old song.

28 April 2014

Chevron Pink and Green 40th Birthday Party Personalized Invitations

 A bright and colorful invitation for celebrating the milestone 40th Birthday featuring a background chevron zigzag pattern with bright and girly shades of pink and green. The text is featured in a circle text box with a coordinating pink and green border with customizable text. The text can be personalized on both sides of this lovely 40th Birthday invitation, ready for your own special celebration.

27 April 2014

When Superheroes Turn 40 Classic Coffee Mug

This coffee mug serves as a timely reminder for the 40 year old that even superheroes sometimes need to make lifestyle changes when turning 40. The perfect gift for the 40-something hero in your life, featuring a cartoon illustration of two forty year old superheroes with "When superheroes turn 40... " above the illustration and the gag "Oh, I can still fly through the sun, I just can't east spicy food anymore" written underneath.

26 April 2014

Womans Elegant Black 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 An elegant and stylish design for an invitation for a woman's 40th Birthday celebration featuring an image of silver stilettos on a black background with a silver border at the top and bottom of the invitations with images of sparkling diamonds. Customize the text for your own special 40th Birthday affair!

25 April 2014

40th Birthday Fishing Gag Gifts Travel Mug

For the 40 year old who loves fishing, this funny novelty travel mug would be the perfect addition to their collection of fishing gear for sipping coffee while waiting for the fish to bite. Featuring a cartoon illustration of a man fishing on a boat with the text, "40, and keeping it reel". Great gift for the fisherman who is celebrating this milestone birthday!

24 April 2014

40th Birthday Grungy Countdown Party Invitation

 A grungy style invitation, perfect for the man who is celebrating his 40th birthday, featuring a short countdown to 40 with the text, "It's found him and he can't hide!". The text is customizable for your own celebration for this milestone birthday.

23 April 2014

I'm Not 40 - Funny Birthday Gift Coffee Mugs

A funny coffee mug for the person who is celebrating their 40th year featuring a bright, colorful and modern typography design with the humorous message, "I'm Not Forty - I'm Just 18 with over 22 Years Experience".

22 April 2014

Modern Surprise 40th Birthday Invitations

 Modern and stylish invitation for a surprise 40th Birthday party with cream text on a slate gray background. Perfect for the celebrations for either a men's or women's 40th birthday event - fully customizable for your own special celebration.

21 April 2014

Still Rockin' at 40 Mugs

A great coffee mug for the rocker who is celebrating their 40th birthday featuring an illustration of a red electric guitar with music notes and a star in the background, with the text "Still Rockin' at 40"

20 April 2014

Womans Glitzy Pink 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 An elegant and stylish 40th birthday invitation for the woman turning 40 who loves glitz and bling. This invitation features silver colored glittery stilettos with a glass of pink champagne and a fashionable black purse with silver and pink elements creating a unique border for the invitation. Customize the text for your own extra special birthday celebration.

19 April 2014

40th year old birthday aging to perfection coffee mug

 A fun coffee mug for the person turning 40 and does not have a care in the world about coming to this milestone in their life and see it as a positive. The design features a red and blue balloon with 40 written on them with the text "And like fine wine aging to perfection" in coordinating red and blue.

18 April 2014

Movie Premiere Celebrity 40th Birthday Photo Gala Custom Invitations

 For the superstar who is celebrating their 40th Birthday, this fun movie premiere celebrity style invitations features photo templates to add the photo of your very own 40th Birthday Star! The text is customizable for your own celebration in a golden color for that touch of elegance on a black background.

17 April 2014

40th Birthday Gift World's Hottest Forty Year Old Travel Mug

 Want something extra special for someone turning 40? How about this World's Hottest 40 Year Old Birthday typography design on a travel mug, so they can let the world know, wherever they go, just how hot they are? Add the birthday person's name for an extra special and personalized gift for their 40th Birthday.

16 April 2014

Black/Gray Square Big 40 Birthday Party Invitation

 A simple yet elegant design for an invitation to a 40th Birthday celebration. The design features a large 40 in shades of gray on a black background. The customizable text for the details of your Birthday event is featured in white text inside the zero. This invitation is set up as a surprise 40th Birthday party, but can easily be adapted if the occasion is not a surprise party.

15 April 2014

Awesome 40 Birthday Travel Mug

Are you celebrating that milestone 40th birthday? Are you proud to be 40 years old? Show the world how proud you are to have made it to the Big 4-0 and do it in style with this "Awesome 40" travel mug with a colorful typography text design. Turning forty should be fun!

14 April 2014

Fabulous 40th Black and Pink Zebra Birthday Personalized Invites

 A great birthday party invitation for the woman is turning 40. Celebrate this special occasion with a evening with family and friends and this invitation will suit such an event. Featuring a large number 40 with a zebra print pattern inside the number and a pink outline, with text to read, "40 and Fabulous" on a black background. Customizable text is featured for the details of your 40th Birthday celebration. Perfect for a safari themed party or for the soon to be 40 year old who is a party animal! Also available in other color combinations, such as the red trim as shown below.

13 April 2014

At My Age I Need Glasses Funny Coffee Mug

 This coffee mug is made for the person who is getting older and needs glasses - but we are talking about different kinds of glasses to the ones we usually associate with growing old - not reading glasses, but glasses filled with wine! This funny old age coffee mug features an illustration of three wine glasses with the text, "At My Age I Need Glasses". Perfect for a 40th Birthday gift for the wine lover.

12 April 2014

Vintage French Easter Bunnies Pillow

 A beautiful throw pillow featuring a vintage image of two Easter bunnies, standing on top of large Easter eggs with French text in the background. The bunnies are surrounded by beautiful spring blossoms. A French Easter Bunnies pillow for those that love a little bit of shabby Parisian French chic!

11 April 2014

Funny Easter Bunnies Stickers

 Ultra cute Easter stickers featuring a cartoon illustration of four white Easter bunnies with pink noses with 'Happy Easter" written underneath. Each rabbit has its own pose and facial expression with one looking at an Easter egg it is holding in its paw.

09 April 2014

My Butt Hurts! - What? Postcards

 A very funny postcard for the Easter season featuring a cartoon illustration of two chocolate bunnies which have been partly eaten. My Butt Hurts! - What? Two chocolate bunnies with each a bite taken off them. One says his butt hurts, the other can't hear him because his ears are chewed off.

Carnations on Brocade Easter Greeting Cards

 A lovely Easter card with a rustic feel featuring an image of two brilliant red carnations set on a pearly white embossed brocade fabric background. Inside are two smaller blossoms. The text on the front and and the inside of the card can be fully customized for your own Easter greeting.

08 April 2014

Labrador Easter Bunnies!! Fridge Magnets

 Whimsical and sweet magnet featuring an original Easter Labrador Retriever Painting painted by Naomi Ochiai from Japan. This lovely artwork features a Black Lab, a Yellow Lab and a Chocolate Lab puppies wearing Bunny Ears on their heads and posing for an Easter photo with colorful painted Easter eggs in the basket in front of them which has a pink bow. Painted in soft spring tone. Nice Easter gifts for dog lovers who love Labrador Retriever dogs!!

07 April 2014

Happy Easter Round Sticker

 A modern Easter design on round stickers featuring a colorful illustration of a tree with birds and Easter eggs with sweet patterns on a subtle pink striped background. The text reads, "Happy Easter". Perfect for envelope seals or to give out to kids at your Easter party.

06 April 2014

Chipmunk's Easter Canvas Bag

 A very sweet Easter tote bag which features an image of an ultra cute little chipmunk who is stuffing his chubby cheeks as fast as he can on a spring day. The sweet little critter is surrounded by green grass and yellow lilies. The design includes customizable text which reads, "Happy Easter!" which you can change or delete.

05 April 2014

Sweet Happy Easter Announcement

 An ultra sweet Easter flat greeting card with a photograph of a cute baby black rabbit with pink and cream tulips by the bunny's side. The text reads, "Happy Easter". Send this lovely card to family and friends to wish them a very Happy Easter!

04 April 2014

Happy Easter with Chick Coffee Mug

 An adorable coffee mug for wishing family and friends a Happy Easter featuring a cute cartoon illustration of a baby chick standing on Easter Eggs which spell out "Happy Easter". Colorful and sweet - fills with candy or chocolate for a fun Easter gift or give all by itself for a non-fattening variety of Easter gift (for those who are so inclined!)

03 April 2014

Super Easter Team Magnet

 An uber cute Easter magnet featuring a cartoon illustration of the Super Easter Team, which is the Super Easter Bunny and his little sidekick, theSuper Easter Chicken. The Super Easter Bunny and Super Easter Chick are dressed in super hero outfits, masks and caps, they are flying through the sky to bring Easter! So cute!!

02 April 2014

Elegant Lilacs Easter Cards

An elegant Easter card featuring beautiful lilacs. The front of this floral Easter card has a border of lilac sprays on a gradient pale purple background. Inside are more lilac blossoms on the same exquisite pale background. All text can be customized to suit your needs - the front text reads, "Easter Blessings" with a customizable Easter message on the inside.

01 April 2014

SomeBunny Loves You Coffee Mug

 An ultra sweet coffee mug, perfect for Easter or any other occasion. This cute mug features a cartoon illustration of an adorable white rabbit with large pink ears with "Somebunny loves you" written underneath in blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.


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