31 May 2014

Aged to Perfection Tee Shirts

 Proudly wear a t-shirt which tells the world you are 40 years old and are aged to perfection. This t-shirt features a vintage distressed design with customizable text to add the year you were born, with the text "Aged to Perfection" written underneath. These designs are available in a range of styles and design, such as the design below, created specifically for the person turning 40.

Vintage - Aged to Perfection

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30 May 2014

Baseball Chalkboard Pink 40th Birthday Party Custom Invitations

 Celebrate the fortieth birthday of the female baseball star or baseball fan with this modern invitation featuring a chalkboard design. The front of the invitation feature a large pink number 40 with baseballs inside it, with the text, "Guess who's turning". The back of the invitation has the same chalkboard design with a subtle pattern of baseballs with customizable text for your party details in coordinating pink and white. Unique and fun invitations for the baseball-loving woman who is celebrating this milestone birthday.

29 May 2014

Fabulous at 40rty Mug

 This coffee mug features a simple, fun graphic text design for the 40th birthday of a friend or member of the family with the text, "Fabulous at 40rty" in black and pink.

28 May 2014

40th Birthday Party Red Vintage Lace Frame Announcements

 An eye-catching and vibrant 40th Birthday Party invitation with a printed red vintage lace frame. Thislovely  design, with its mix of vintage lace and contemporary typefaces is very feminine, and an elegant way to invite family and friends to a very special woman's birthday party celebration. All text is totally customizable for the details of your own extra special celebration.

27 May 2014

Funny When Did I Turn 40 T-Shirt

 A funny birthday t-shirt with attitude to spare featuring a cool typography design which reads, "Oh Hell! When did I turn 40?!". The "hell" and 40" are written is a blood dripping style font to add to the gag effect. A great t-shirt to give as a gift to the person who is not particularly happy about turning 40.

26 May 2014

Modern Martini Cocktail 40th Birthday Party Personalized Invitations

 A modern, fun and stylish cocktail party invitation for a 40th Birthday celebration featuring a series of cocktail glasses filled with sweet beverages with cherries decorating the glasses on a green polka dot background. The text is fully customizable for your own celebration of this milestone birthday.

25 May 2014

Funny Pink 40th Birthday Mugs

 A funny and cute 40th birthday design on a coffee mug featuring a typography design in pink which reads, "It took me 40 years to look this good". Available in other colors, as shown in blue below.

24 May 2014

Cute Cupcake Black and Red 40th Birthday Custom Invitations

 Stylish, modern and bold red, black and white 40th Birthday invitations for the stylish woman. The invitation features black and white stripes at the top and bottom of the design to create an eye-catching border, with a polka dot pattern gift tied with a simple red gift bow. Matching red block letter text adds pizazz and personality, and easy to read fonts keep it simple. There's also a cute cupcake with white frosting, dotted with a red heart instead of a cherry on top to finish it off. Customize the text for personalized 40th Birthday party invitations.

23 May 2014

Funny Dog Years T-Shirt

 A funny t-shirt for the person who is getting a little older, featuring a cartoon illustration of the skeleton of a dog standing in front of a red dog bowl with the text in a cool typography design which reads, "In Dog Years I would be Dead!"

22 May 2014

Nautical Anchor Gray Chevron 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 Personalize these nautical themed invitations for a sailor's or boat lover's 40th Birthday Party. The stylish nautical design features a large anchor on the front with customizable text for the occasion, including their age on a blue gray background with a chevron zigzag pattern accent. The back of the invitation features the chevron accent as a border at the top and bottom of the design with customizable text for this milestone celebration. Perfect for those who love life on the seas and can be customized for any age or occasion. Custom requests for other color combination welcome via the CelebrationBazaar store on Zazzle.

21 May 2014

40 Year Old, One Owner - Needs Parts, Make Offer Coffee Mug

 This funny coffee mug is great for the 40 year old who is feeling a little worse for wear. It features a red for sale sign with the text, "40 year old, one owner. Needs parts. Make offer". Perfect as a gag gift for a 40th Birthday.

20 May 2014

Pink Sequin 40th Birthday Party Invitations

Beautiful glittering faux sequin women's 40th Birthday Party Invitations with custom glittering pink fonts that say "Fifty and Fabulous". There is a pink sequin cocktail martini glass on a girly pink sequin background. The back of the invitation features customizable text for the details of your special event.

19 May 2014

Funny Looks, Feels, Acts 40 Birthday Tee

 A funny t-shirt for the 40 year old - "Looks, Feels, Acts 40" which is created by a sum of the following: looks 20, feels 15 and acts 5. 20 + 15 + 5 = 40. I'm sure we all know a 40 year old who would suit this t-shirt - great as a funny 40th birthday gift.

18 May 2014

Stylish Pink Ornate Frame 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 An elegant, stylish and sweet women's 40th Birthday invitation featuring an ornate frame in a printed glitter effect. The text is in a coordinating pink color and is fully customizable for your own special occasion. Please note that there is no glitter on the invitation, it is a printed image to resemble a glitter look.

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17 May 2014

Still Fabulous 40th Birthday Coffee Mug

  Celebrate being forty with this fun coffee mug - forty does not mean that you are over the hill, it means life is just beginning... and if you believe that then the message on this mug should ring true to you. "Still Fabulous at 40" in a stylish typography design in black with pink stars. Perfect as a 40th Birthday gift.

16 May 2014

40th Birthday Swingers Rat Pack Party Custom Invites

 The perfect stylish and hip 40th Birthday party invitations for all those swanky, fun-loving, cocktail tipping, sharp-dressed, jazz-talking, smooth singing gambling birthday guys turning 40. You know you belong to the rat-pack and know it's time to show the world just how cool you are with a 40th Birthday celebration which everyone will remember.

15 May 2014

This GIRL is FORTY Birthday TEE

 Great fun and playful t-shirt letting the world know proudly that This GIRL is FORTY Birthday. Perfect as a 40th Birthday gift for the woman who is proud to be turning the big 4-0.

14 May 2014

Vintage Chalkboard Laurel 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 A sweet vintage style chalkboard 40th Birthday invitation which is perfect for celebrating the special woman in your life turning 40. These invitations include a white laurel flourish with small turquoise flowers featured at the top and bottom of the design on a fashionable blackboard background. The text is customizable for the details of your own celebration. Custom requests for different colors or styles are most welcome!

13 May 2014

40 And Fabulous Birthday Gifts (Plum) Travel Mugs

 A pretty and girly birthday gift for the women who is celebrating her 40th birthday. This sweet travel mug features a cartoon illustration of a lovely purple butterfly with the text, "40 and Fabulous" in shades of pink.

12 May 2014

Modern Surprise 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 This modern 40th surprise birthday party invitation sets the tone for a great over the hill event and is especially nice for men. The design features a black background with white text. The words "OVER THE HILL EVENT" appear at the top with the words "SURPRISE PARTY" featured on a red banner underneath. All your party details can be customized on the invitation to make a modern one of a kind typography surprise 40th birthday party invitation; and to make sure everyone remembers to stay quiet the words "SHHH! SHHH! SHHH! SHHH!" appear along the bottom in white on a thin red banner.

11 May 2014

40th Birthday shirt for men | Golfing humor

 Perfect for the golfer who is celebrating their 40th Birthday, this golfing humor t-shirt has an illustration of a golf ball rolling towards the hole with the text, "It took me 40 years to play this good". The text can be customized for any age.

10 May 2014

Fab At 40 Champagne and Diamonds Add Photo Birthday Custom Invites

 These stylish and elegant custom photograph 40th Birthday party invitations feature a gorgeous sparkling "40" with a printed diamond bling effect with a shimmering champagne bottle and two glasses. Add your favorite birthday photo to the sparkling diamond like frame and it will be topped with a glitter like bow and ribbon. Great for any Fabulous At 40 Birthday Party! Set against a black background for added drama. The customizable text on the back of the invitations are fully customizable for the details of your own 40th Birthday celebration.

08 May 2014

Basketball Chalkboard 40th Birthday Party Invites

 Celebrate the fortieth birthday of the basketball star or basketball fan with this fun and modern invitation featuring a chalkboard design. The front of the invitation has a large number 40 with basketballs inside it, with the text, "Guess who's turning 40". The back of the invitation features the same chalkboard design with a subtle pattern of basketball terms with customizable text for your party details in coordinating orange and white.

07 May 2014

40, It's all fun and games until it happens to you Mugs

 It's true, turning 40 is serious business! Perfect as a gift for the person celebrating their 40th birthday, this funny coffee mug features a typography design which reads, "40, It is all fun and games until it happens to you".

06 May 2014

Sparkly Purple 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 A bright and sparkly invite for your 40th birthday theme party! This invitation features a vibrant purple number 40 with a coordinating glitter frame to represent that it's a milestone birthday. The number 40 has cool sparkles on it to make it appear shiny and exciting! Customize the text on both sides of the invitation for the details of your very own special occasion!

05 May 2014

40th Birthday Princess Tshirt

 Fun and girly birthday t-shirt for the woman (aka the princess) who is celebrating their 40th Birthday, featuring th text, "The princess in 40" in a decorative font with embellishments in pink.

04 May 2014

Golf Ball 40th Birthday Party Invitations

 The perfect invitation for the 40th Birthday party of the fanatical golfer featuring a close up digital image of a golf ball creating the round shape of the invitation. The text is fully customizable for your own celebration. Created here for a 40th Birthday invitation but easily changed for your own special occasion.

03 May 2014

Happy Birthday Cupcake - 40 years old Greeting Cards

 A funny 40th Birthday card featuring a cupcake with frosting and sprinkles and four candles, with a face drawn on it. On the front, the cupcake says, "Today you are about fourteen thousand eight-hundred twenty-seven and a half days old!" Once you open the card for the 40th birthday gag, it says "Now 40 doesn't sound so bad, does it? Happy Birthday!" Perfect for the person who feels that 40 means they are getting old and over the hill!

02 May 2014

Black Silver Mans 40th Birthday Party Custom Invitations

 Stylish and elegant custom invitations for a 40th Birthday Party, perfect for a male or female's birthday. The invitation features a fashionable striped design in black with silver and white. Customize the text on both sides of the invitation for your own special occasion.

01 May 2014

Funny Football 40th Birthday Gifts Mug

Perfect for football fan who is turning 40 and feeling like they are over the hill, this hilarious birthday gag 40th Birthday gift mug says 'Over the hill? It's not even HALFTIME yet!', with the number 40 on the helmet of the football player. Shown here on a beer stein, but also available on coffee mugs and travel mugs.


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