30 November 2013

Christmas Ornament White Word Art on Red Personalized Flat Cards

A modern Christmas flat card featuring a Christmas ornament made from words which represent Christmas, such as santa, deer, candy, mistletoe, happy holidays and more. The word art ornament is in white on a festive red background. The text underneath the Christmas decoration is fully customizable for your own season's greetings.

29 November 2013

Gold Glitter Holiday Photo Flat Card

 A sweet Holiday photo card with a sprinkling of confetti in silver and gold. Please note that the confetti is printed on the card and is not real and does not glitter. Customize the template photo and the customizable text with your own seasonal greeting.

28 November 2013

Piglet Gifting Pooh Tshirts

 A fun Christmas shirt featuring a cartoon illustration of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Piglet is giving Pooh aa Christmas gift and Pooh has a gift for piglet hiding behind his back. Perfect for the person who loves Pooh and Piglet. Available on a range of t-shirts for both men, women, children and babies in a huge variety of styles and colors.

27 November 2013

Holiday Photo Cards | The Most Wonderful Time

 A stylish and rustic holiday photo card featuring a black chalkboard background on one half with the text, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" in a typography design. Add your name with the customizable text and replace the template photo with your own for a personalized and unique holiday photo card.

26 November 2013

Christmas Candy Cane tie

For the people who love their holiday ties and wear them proudly each year, this Christmas tie features a repeating pattern of delicious candy canes with red, green and white stripes, with holly and ribbons on a festive red background.

25 November 2013

Mustache T-shirt - Staching thru the snow

 A funny Christmas t-shirt with a mustache theme. The design features a mustache with a Santa hat with the text, "Staching Thru the Snow". This is one holiday themed t-shirt which is sure to get attention and laughs!

24 November 2013

Santa Bull Terrier Neck Wear

 A sweet Christmas themed neck tie for the person who loves bull terrier dogs. This tie features a cartoon illustration of a bull terrier puppy wearing a Santa hat with a love heart on its collar. There is a repeating pattern of bull terrier puppies in the background.

23 November 2013

Tinker Bell With Snowflake Tee Shirts

 A sweet t-shirt featuring an illustration of Tinkerbell holding onto a large snowflake. Tinkerbell, one of the favorite characters from Disney's Peter Pan, is wearing green Christmas attire with holly in her hair. This official merchandise is available from the Disney store on Zazzle.

22 November 2013

Whimsical Christmas Wishes Holiday Photo Card

 A modern and whimsical Holiday photo card featuring a full-bleed personalized photo with the greeting "We wish you a Merry Christmas" written in a decorative script with stars. Customize the text and add your own family photograph for a simple yet lovely Christmas greeting. The back of the card is decorated with red and white stripes to add to the festive feel.

21 November 2013

Mickey & Minnie With Snowflake Tee Shirts

 For fans of Mickey Mouse, this is a sweet design featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, dressed in their Christmas outfits, including Santa hats, standing next to a large white snowflake. Available in a range of designs for young and old. Available from the official Disney store on Zazzle.

20 November 2013

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Custom Tie

 Perfect for wearing to your Holiday parties during the Christmas season, this fun tie has Ho³ with a Santa hat over the top of the letter "h". The design is repeated over the tie in festive red and green colors.

19 November 2013

Joy To The World | Photo Holiday Card

 Spread joy and happiness to friends and family this holiday season with this sweet photo holiday card. Customize the template photo to add your own for a unique and personalized greeting. The text, in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, reads, "Joy to the World" with customizable text underneath the photo to add your season's greetings and your names.

18 November 2013

Chalkboard Holidays | Holiday Photo Card

A modern photo card for the holiday season featuring a chalkboard design with your season's greetings and customizable text to add your names and the year. Add your Holiday photo to create custom and personalized cards for this Christmas and New Year. Also available in other color backgrounds.

17 November 2013

Believe In Santa Claus Tshirts

You're never too old to believe in the magic of Christmas and to believe in Santa Claus. This fun t-shirt features an image of Santa and his reindeer flying through the night sky in front of a full moon, delivering the Christmas presents to children all over the world. A snowman is looking on from below with the word "Believe" written across the sky.

16 November 2013

Rock N Roll Snowman Neck Wear

 For the old rocker in the family who loves to jazz up the Christmas season with a holiday-themed neck-tie - this fun tie features a snowman with a hat and bow tie playing a red electric guitar, rocking away to the Christmas carols.

15 November 2013

Krampus Day T-shirt

 Who or what is Krampus? Krampus is a mythical creature from traditional folklore in the Alpine countries in Europe. According to their folklore, Krampus punishes the naughty children during the holiday season and is probably best described as the anti-Santa. Krampus is usually dark in color and hairy, has cloven hooves and horns like that of a goat. It also usually has a long pointed tongue. The celebration of Krampus has been prohibited at certain points in time, but it is becoming popular again as a festival, usually celebrated on December 5.

14 November 2013

Crafty Christmas Holiday Photo Card

 A fun and cheerful Christmas Holiday photo card for sending your Christmas wishes to family and friends. This design has a crafty, scrapbooking feel with four template photos to customise with your own family pics. The photos look like they are taped on to the backing paper with christmas tape. Please note that the tape is part of the printed image and is not real tape.

13 November 2013

Merry Christmas Tie

 A fun Christmas tie featuring the greeting "Merry Christmas" in four different languages in a repeating pattern on the necktie. Merry Christmas is written in white in English, Italian, Spanish and French on a seasonal red background.

12 November 2013

Team Santa Tshirts

 A fun Christmas t-shirt with a simple yet eye-catching design with the words, "Team Santa" in red and green letters with a white border around the words.

11 November 2013

Top Three Christmas T-Shirts for Women

 Today we have selected three of our favorite Christmas t-shirts for women for the upcoming holiday season from the newest designs holiday season designs available on Zazzle, all featured here on either red or green t-shirts - to help get us in the festive mood!

 The first of the top three Christmas t-shirts has a winter theme with the text Let it Snow, with the text made from snowballs, some of which are starting to drop away from the bottom. Sitting here in the heat (yes, I experience a summer and usually very hot, Christmas), I look at this t-shirt longingly, wishing for it to snow in a city where it NEVER snows and the summer season has started early and with a bang. Please let it snow!

The second Holiday t-shirt is especially for all the moms out there for being so wonderful over the holiday season. This t-shirt features the words, Mama Elf, in bold red and white text with an elf hat and candy canes decorating the words on a green t-shirt. If I was a Mom, I would definitely be wearing this t-shirt over the Christmas period, not only because it will be so hot I wouldn't be able to wear a Christmas sweater, but because I like the idea of being a Mama Elf!

Last, but definitely not least, is this ultra cute holiday t-shirt featuring one of my most favorite things - a cupcake! Not just any cupcake, but a Christmas cupcake drawn in the kawaii style with a cute smiling face with a happy holly leaf as part of its decorative icing. The cupcake pan is green with a white snowflake pattern.

If you like any of these top three Christmas t-shirts, click on the picture and you will be taken to its product page on Zazzle. If you would like to see all the other Christmas t-shirts available, you can see them here.

10 November 2013

Green Christmas Tree Custom Tie

 A traditional Christmas tie featuring an image of a Christmas tree with Christmas balls and Christmas ornaments covering the tree, including red bows, gold stars, gingerbread men and Christmas balls connected with gold string. A large golden star adorns the top f the tree.

09 November 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho Christmas tee shirt

 A humorous Christmas t-shirt featuring the word Ho, with a santa hat on top of the letter "O", and a three next to the Ho - making this shorthand for Ho Ho Ho. This funny tshirt is sure to put you and those around you in the festive mood.

08 November 2013

Sparkle | Holiday Photo Card

 An elegant Holiday card for sending to family and friends with your Christmas greetings featuring a photo template to add your own family Christmas photograph. The top of the card features golden colored stars and snowflakes on a cream background with customizable text to add your name and the year.

07 November 2013

Christmas Tree Tie

 Show your Christmas spirit with this seasonal tie featuring a green Christmas tree with red and silver trimmings. the Christmas tree is repeated in a pattern over the tie. Perfect for the Christmas functions and Holiday parties that will soon be coming our way!

06 November 2013

Believe In Santa Claus Tshirts

 A fun retro style Christmas t-shirt featuring a vintage image of Santa Claus with the word "Believe" written in bold letters on a red banner underneath. Show the world you still believe in Santa!

05 November 2013

Merry and Bright Photo Christmas Card

 Send your season's greetings to family and friends with the simple yet beautiful Christmas flat card. Customize the template photograph to add one of your own beautiful family. The text on the bottom of the card reads, "May your Holidays be Merry and Bright" with customizable text for your own names.

04 November 2013

The Journey To Bethlehem Neckties

 This beautiful neck tie is perfect for the Christmas season, featuring a white silhouette of Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem on the night that Jesus was born, with the stars and moon in the background on a dark night sky.

03 November 2013

Cute Snowflake Red Save the Date Photo Postcards

 A simple and elegant wedding save the date postcard with a typography design with snowflakes in white on a red background. Customize the template photo with a photo of the happy couple and customize the text to create a truly personalized save the date postcard for your upcoming wedding day.

02 November 2013

Winter Baby Shower Invitations

 A super cute invitation for a winter themed baby shower featuring a winter scene with snow covering the ground and bare winter trees. A cute pink bird is perched in the tress wearing a scarf to protect itself from the cold. A sweet baby deer, also wearing a scarf, is standing in the snow. Perfect for a baby shower where the newest member of the family is going to be a girl.

01 November 2013

Vintage Blue Birds Winter Wedding Save the Date Announcements

 A beautiful and whimsical vintage styled wedding save the date announcement featuring a vintage illustration of two bluebirds sitting on a tree branch with blue and white blossoms. Customize the text for your own wedding save the date details and send to friends and family. This lovely design would be perfect for a winter or spring themed wedding.


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